In order to avoid building code or inspection problems, all contractors are urged to read the Plum Creek Municipal Authority’s Rates, Rules, and Regulations Governing Water Service and make all subcontractors aware of its requirements. It is the responsibility of the customer and/or the contractor to install all piping and fixtures on the property, including meters, in a satisfactory manner prior to connection with the water system (See Rates, Rules, and Regulations Section C: paragraph 20 for more details). The specifications on page 3 of “Rates, Rules, and Regulations, paragraph 24” must be followed for all construction so that you do not build yourself out of options.

Water line inspections are available between 9:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. Monday through Friday and by special request on most Saturdays. Routine Inspection requests should be made to (570) 754-7505; rush orders for inspection can be made to the Business office at (570) 754-7222. Plum Creek Municipal Authority (PCMA) personnel set a high priority for water line inspections and can usually respond quickly to an inspection request. We do, however, request that contractors complete ALL required work prior to calling for an inspection. We do not make appointments for water line inspection based upon anticipated completion times. The most efficient procedure for obtaining a water line inspection is to call the Authority in advance with the estimated completion date and time to insure that someone will be available during that time period; then when all plumbing work is complete, call 754-7505 or 754-7222 to have the water line inspection completed promptly.

Premature requests for water line inspections before all piping and fixtures are installed in a satisfactory condition will be billed to the contractor as a service call by PCMA with a minimum charge per call out of $37.50; these charges must be paid at the PCMA business office before a reinspection is possible.

In order to provide water service during construction and allow the service line to be covered before the final inspection, a preliminary inspection will be permitted if the following conditions are met: (1) The service line must be installed in a satisfactory manner as per the specifications (see Section D, paragraph 24, of PCMA Rates, Rules, and Regulations) up to and including the water meter. (2) An additional shut off valve must be installed after the meter. (3) The meter must be securely mounted to the floor or the wall. A final inspection must be made prior to occupancy when all plumbing and fixtures are in place.