November 2002

A regular meeting of the Board of The Lake Wynonah Municipal Authority was held on November 19, 2002 at the Wayne Township Municipal Building, Wayne Township, Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania.

Board members present at the meeting were Walter Jaros, Tom Nagle, Joe Chicora, and Dennis Scharadin. Also in attendance were Jim Goodman (LWMA Attorney), Dave Bright (LWMA Engineer), Mike Stewart (American Water Service), Tom Zenker (South Manheim Township Supervisor), and property owners Jerry Heffleger, Bill Tyler, Ron Larsen, and Ron Nolder.

The meeting was called to order by Joe Chicora at 6:00 p.m.

The minutes of the prior meeting and minutes containing a record of special proceedings concerning the new office building were reviewed and accepted by motion of Dennis Scharadin, seconded by Tom Nagle, carried by all.

The Treasurer's reports for September and October 2002 were reviewed and accepted by motion of Dennis Scharadin, seconded by Tom Nagle, carried by all.

Mike Stewart reviewed his written report relating to managerial matters (submitted to the Board prior to the meeting) which addressed water and sewage operations. The written report is attached to the office copy of these minutes. Mike noted that Dave Bonkovich is to start leak detection on November 20th. Also, a leak at a property owner's line will be repaired by the LWMA because it is used as a water sampling point. Joe asked Mike to keep him informed as to the leaks found.

Dave Bright said he had nothing to report at this time.

Jim Goodman said he had nothing to report at this time.

The preliminary budget for the year 2003 was distributed prior to the meeting. The board will review it and submit suggestions, questions, or changes to Jen for her to pass along to Jim Ridderhoff to incorporate into the final draft for approval at the January 2003 meeting of the Board.

Walter noted that two tanks at the sewage treatment plant will have to be replaced next year. Mike said that he will work on getting prices after he's consulted with Dave Bright. Joe said he could get some names of tank companies also and recommended either steel or fiberglass tanks, possibly double-walled. Joe said concrete tanks would probably not be a good idea, and Walter agreed. All agreed, however, that the project will be developed in the appropriate manner.

Upon motion by Dennis Scharadin, seconded by Tom Nagle, and carried by all, the accounting firm of Jones & Co. was reappointed to conduct the 2002 external audit.

A letter was submitted by property owner Ron Larsen stating in effect that LWMA employees were making personal attacks on him and his family by trespassing on his property to obtain information about him, and then using it to report to people at LWPOA meetings. Walter asked him what he expected LWMA employees to find. Ron said they might be looking for violations of the bylaws and deed restrictions that he might be involved in. Because his letter was short and vague, Jim Goodman asked him to express a specific point and Ron could not do so. Jim told him that the LWMA had lawful authority to access his property grounds for the purpose of conducting LWMA business, and unless he addressed something specific, the Board would not be able to act on his ambiguous accusations. Ron could not address anything specific.

Mike told the Board that LWMA employees have never entered Ron's property except for reading his water meter or pumping his septic tank. Mike told Ron that he could install a pit meter if he didn't want anybody to enter his yard to read the meter. Also, Mike told Ron that an appointment could be set up for his next tank pumping in order for Ron to be present when his tank is pumped. Ron agreed that LWMA employees would be allowed to read the water meter and that he would set an appointment to be present for his next septic tank pumping. Because the proposed solution was already being carried out as stated, there was no change to the current routine. Ron then threatened to make "dog meat" out of anyone who came on his property by promising to loose his pit bulls. Ron was asked if he would really let his dogs loose for the purpose of harming an alleged trespasser and he replied "Yes I will."

Another property owner, Ron Nolder, told the Board that he had been having discolored and bad tasting water for over a year. Joe asked Ron if he'd ever called the LWMA about his water problem. Ron said he did not. Joe then asked Ron if the problem was constant and Ron told him that the problem occurred three to four days a week. Mike said he would check into his problem and Joe reminded Ron that the LWMA cannot address water problems unless they are reported.

LWPOA Board member Jerry Heffleger told the LWMA Board that he'd had a call from property owner John Frank with concerns about the pumping of his aerobic system. Jerry submitted documentation in regard to pumping aerobic systems. Ron Nolder said he'd had a problem with the pumping of his aerobic tank also, but he didn't say what it was. Mike told Jerry that he'd contacted the engineer/installer of John Frank's aerobic tank and was told, after explaining the procedure, that the LWMA is correctly pumping the systems. Mike also said that LWMA field employees and a few people from Mike's organization were planning to attend a training seminar held by the manufacturer of aerobic systems of the type used by John Frank. The requirement of having inlet baffles was in question, because regulations were unclear, and Mike found out that aerobic tanks were not required to have them. Because of the clarification, the LWMA will not be requiring aerobic tanks to have an inlet baffle as long as they have NSF approval.

Walter asked if the LWMA's new employee, Bruce Fabian, could properly identify an aerobic system. Mike said that an aerobic system is immediately identifiable and that Bruce is being accompanied by Kelly for proper training.

Jerry Heffleger noted that the development will soon exceed 1,000 homes and he asked if the LWMA could adequately supply sufficient water. Both Mike and Joe said it could.

Tom Nagle gave a report on the new office construction. He said that there had been a problem with the site, as it was soon discovered that the area was basically being used as a dumping ground for old pipes, tanks and other debris, and was then covered over. He said that there will be extra costs involved due to engineering and remedial work. Bill Tyler asked how big the office would be and Tom told him 1500 square feet.

There being no further business, Walter Jaros motioned for adjournment, Tom Nagle seconded the motion, carried by all. The meeting was adjourned by Joe Chicora at 6:55 p.m.

Meeting minutes were taken, prepared, and submitted by Jennifer Hoy.

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