July 2005

A regular meeting of the Board of The Lake Wynonah Municipal Authority was held on July 19, 2005 at the Lake Wynonah Municipal Authority Business Office Building, South Manheim Township, Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania.

Board members present at the meeting were Jim Ridderhoff, Joe Chicora, Tom Nagle, and Dennis Scharadin. Also in attendance were Dave Bright (LWMA Engineer), Mike Stewart (Applied Water Management), LWMA attorney Joe Zerbe, and Tom Zenker (South Manheim Township Supervisor).

The meeting was called to order by Jim Ridderhoff at 6:00 p.m.

The minutes of the prior meeting were reviewed and accepted by motion of Joe Chicora, seconded by Dennis Scharadin, carried by all.

The Treasurer's reports for May and June 2005 were reviewed and accepted by motion of Dennis Scharadin, seconded by Tom Nagle, carried by all.

Mike Stewart said that water production was down due to the leak repairs. He said with all the new people moving into the development and with summer people planting grass and watering their lawns there had been more water used than usual. Also, the pool at the lodge is drawing 13,000 to 15,000 gallons a day, down from 19,000 to 30,000 gallons a day when three drain plugs had been removed and water kept draining away unnecessarily. Mike said well #2 was put back online and the water storage tanks are full again.

Mike reviewed his written report relating to managerial matters (submitted to the Board prior to the meeting) which addressed water and sewage operations.

In water matters, Mike reported that:

In sewage matters: Dennis asked Mike if they were putting "H" markers on the road when each hydrant is painted. Mike said the hydrant markings on the road required a different type of paint and they would go around and do that separately with stencils and spray paint once the hydrants were finished. Joe Chicora asked Tom Nagle if there was a list of streets the LWPOA would be repairing this year. Tom said a study was being done. Joe suggested waiting until after road repairs are made to do the street markings because they may be covered over when repairs are done. Mike said the hydrant markings on the road are easy to do; they just have to be done before the temperatures drop too low for the paint to dry properly.

Dave Bright distributed a memo to the Board (attached to the office copy of these minutes) that resulted from the LWMA's interest in looking for a new well site. He asked SSM's hydrogeologists to focus on two areas and included three aerial maps with his memo. The first included areas that were identified as potential well sites within the Lake Wynonah boundaries in 1999 that satisfied wellhead protection requirements, but these sites were not necessarily good candidates for water production. One lot from the 1999 survey was included in the current survey. Also, Mike had asked him prior to the meeting if drilling at well #3 would be a good idea, so Dave included that area as well for the hydrogeologists to concentrate on. A desktop survey was performed that consisted of looking at aerial photographs and doing fracture trace analysis at the two sites. The other two maps showed each of the two sites and included fracture plotting and target areas suitable for drilling. Areas where multiple fracture traces intersect are the most likely locations to find water. Dave said both of the prime spots extend outside the boundaries of the development.

Dave said that, because of DEP requirements, it was becoming more difficult to develop new well sites within the boundaries of Lake Wynonah. Also, available sites within Lake Wynonah aren't necessarily where water could be found. Mike said rehabilitation of some of the existing wells to improve capacity, along with drilling for a new well, might be something the Authority could look at. Dennis asked how long the capacity from rehabilitation of a well could be expected to last. Mike said there's no way of telling. Joe Chicora said it depended on the amount of loose sediment that remains to block up the fractures again.

Joe Chicora asked Dave for his recommendations. Jim asked Mike to prepare a small chart of all the wells, when they were rehabilitated, what process was used, and how they've responded in order to determine when or if wells should be rehabilitated on a regular basis or even if they should be done at all. As far as a new well goes, Dave Bright said the first step would be to identify a group of potential sites. SSM's hydrogeologists would then get a better feel for each spot and identify those with the most potential. Then the DEP hydrogeologists would have to look at the sites to perform a sanitary survey, meaning they would approve or disapprove the sites based on regulations and requirements. It was decided that Joe Chicora would go out and look around the area for potential sites to get started on the first step. Dennis asked Joe to let him know when he was going out and he would go with him.

Joe Zerbe said routine legal services were taken care of such as filing and satisfaction of liens. Also, he and Jen discussed an issue dealing with delinquent accounts. Joe said he'd given Ron Derenzo a copy of the history of Lake Wynonah and, as he understood it, Ron got back to Jen with his suggestions. Jen said she incorporated his changes, which were few. The copy distributed with the meeting minutes was the final version. In regard to administrative fees for water shut-off notices, Joe said it was typically not done. The Board decided not to pursue the matter.

The final version of Revision 1 of the LWMA Employee Manual, with all changes incorporated, was submitted to the Board for final approval. Upon motion by Tom Nagle, seconded by Dennis Scharadin, and carried by all, Revision 1 of the LWMA Employee Manual was approved and adopted.

There being no further business, Dennis Scharadin motioned for adjournment, Tom Nagle seconded the motion, carried by all. The meeting was adjourned by Jim Ridderhoff at 7:23 p.m.

Meeting minutes were taken, prepared, and submitted by Jennifer Hoy.

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