November 2017

A regular meeting of the Board of The Plum Creek Municipal Authority was held on November 21, 2017 at the Plum Creek Municipal Authority Business Office Building, South Manheim Township, Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania.

Board members present at the meeting were Tom Nagle, Jim Ridderhoff, Dennis Scharadin, and Matt Gruber. Jerry Weiss was absent for the meeting, but arrived after it was adjourned. Also in attendance was Dave Bright (SSM Engineering), Joe Zerbe (PCMA Attorney), Keenan Engle (PCMA Operations Manager – Select Environmental), Nancy Wesner (PCMA Office), Mickey Sinitsky (PCMA Employee); and property owners who signed the sign-in sheet: Jean Schreiber & George, Joe Haggarty, David Tyson, and David Mengel.

Jim Ridderhoff called the meeting to order at 6:00 p.m.

The minutes for the October, 2017 meeting were accepted by motion of Matt Gruber, seconded by Dennis Scharadin, and carried by all.

The Treasurer's report for October, 2017 was reviewed and accepted by motion of Dennis Scharadin, seconded by Matt Gruber, carried by all.

Keenan gave the manager’s report. In water operations, he reported:

  • Normal operations continue. No violations to report this period.
  • All wells are operational. Three wells are currently online, and the wells are being rotated to avoid overflowing the water storage tanks. The Booster Station is at 13.0 PSI.
  • All water system leaks and curb boxes have been repaired, and paving remediation has been completed.
  • All pumps are operational at the Booster Station. Pumps are operating on a rotating basis.
  • Auto Prime heads for chlorine were installed on Wells 1 and 3 by Kohl Bros. Another will be installed on Well 8 when it's put back online after cleaning.
  • Lab results are expected from a Klenzoid representative, along with recommendations for treatment amounts.
  • Well 8 CO2 cleaning was completed on November 11th. During the well treatment, it was discovered that the pump in the well was not running as it should. Dave Gettle from Kohl Bros. was contacted to determine the cause, and to help decide what steps should be taken to get the pump running properly.
  • A quote was received from L/B Water Service for repair/replacement of the flow meter at Well 8. Another quote was received from Exeter Supply which was less than the L/B Water quote.
In sewage operations, Keenan reported that:
  • Normal operations continue.
  • Approximately 7 septic pumps are in the backlog. Both pump trucks are operational.
  • The electrical outlet for the scum pit pumps in the sewage treatment plant was repaired by Slaymaker, Inc.
  • Both pickup trucks are operational. The F250 pickup truck passed inspection and the faulty muffler has been replaced.
  • Options are being considered for repairing the large tanks at the sewage plant.
  • The boiler at the sewage plant needs work to pass certification. Repairs for the required work are being coordinated and quotes are being obtained.
Dave Tyson asked if an explosion occurred at Well 8 because the rumor mill was running wild. Keenan said he didn't know what kind of explosion was heard but it had nothing to do with our well or any of the PCMA's operations. The well was being run off to remove the CO2 from cleaning it, and it must have been incorporated into the rumors that were circulating. Tom said the "explosion" someone heard may have had something to do with the quarry blasting along Route 895 which sometimes occurs, and then a wrong assumption was made because of the water being run off at the well on Indian Drive. After that, the story just evolved as the rumor spread.

In engineering matters, Dave Bright submitted a draft of the Sewage Alternative Analysis Study that was conducted by SSM. He said it hasn't been entirely proofread yet but that will be done by the next meeting. Joe Haggerty asked if it's something he could see, and Tom said the Board just got it and hadn't even looked at it yet. Tom said Jen will provide a summary of the full-length document and have it ready to be handed out and put up on the website by the next meeting.

In legal matters, Joe Zerbe said he had nothing to report except routine matters.

David Mengel said that, starting in September, the water filters in his home are only lasting 11 to 15 days as compared to 40 days right after the two wells were cleaned. He said it doesn't look like iron and manganese on the filters, and added that there really wasn't anything showing on the on the filters at all. Tom said the it might be the filters themselves, and asked how he knows when to change the filter. Mr. Mengel said his water pressure drops when the filters need to be changed. Keenan said he'd do some research on the filter brand and will meet up with Mr. Mengel to let him know what he found out.

There being no further business, Dennis Scharadin motioned for adjournment, Matt Gruber seconded the motion, carried by all. Jim Ridderhoff adjourned the meeting at 6:32 p.m.

Meeting minutes were taken, prepared, and submitted by Jennifer Hoy.

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