March 2013

A regular meeting of the Board of The Plum Creek Municipal Authority was held on March 19, 2013 at the Plum Creek Municipal Authority Business Office Building, South Manheim Township, Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania.

Board members present at the meeting were Tom Nagle, Jerry Weiss, and Matt Gruber. Also in attendance were Dave Bright (PCMA Engineer), Joe Zerbe (PCMA Attorney), Mike Stewart (PCMA Operations Manager), and property owner Ron Larsen.

Tom Nagle called the meeting to order at 6:01 p.m.

The minutes of the prior meeting held in January, 2013 were reviewed and accepted by motion of Matt Gruber, seconded by Tom Nagle, carried by all.

The Treasurer's reports for January 2013 and February 2013 were reviewed and accepted by motion of Jerry Weiss, seconded by Matt Gruber, carried by all.

Mike Stewart reviewed his written report relating to managerial matters (submitted to the Board prior to the meeting) which addressed water and sewage operations. In water matters, he reported that:

In sewage matters, Mike reported that: Mike said, since he'd written his report, the pickup truck had been taken to the garage for repair of a broken wheel bearing.

In engineering matters, Dave Bright said he spoke with Mike prior to the meeting about an upcoming seminar in regard to new monitoring regulations. He also said that the Delaware River Basin Commission (DRBC) was requiring a new report which will have to be prepared. Other than that, he said he had nothing to report.

Joe Zerbe said he addressed routine matters including an incident with a bad check which was resolved. He said he had to prepare a tax-free opinion letter for Riverview Bank in order for the PCMA to obtain the loan needed for the new pumper truck, and said he would address that right away. Other than that, he said he had nothing to report.

Matt asked Mike if he had any idea which of the two other pumper trucks would be the best to keep. Mike said that the white Mack will probably be the one to keep because it pumps better and it's smaller. Mike said that both Mickey and Joe felt the red Mack should be the one that's sold. He recommended that we run the new truck and run it for awhile to make sure there are no problems with it, and then decide which of the old trucks to keep. Matt asked what the process would be to sell one of the old trucks. In order to speed up the process of selling one of the trucks, Mike asked if a motion could be made to authorize sale of the truck at this meeting. Joe said we could do that, but the sale needs to be advertised when the PCMA is ready to sell the truck.

Upon motion by Tom Nagle, seconded by Jerry Weiss, and carried by all, the Board voted to sell one of the old trucks when the decision was made as to which one to sell, and authorized Joe Zerbe to advertise all necessary notifications.

The 2012 write-off of delinquent accounts in the amount of $16,995.28 for the years 2007 and prior was approved by motion of Jerry Weiss, seconded by Matt Gruber, carried by all.

Ron Larsen asked when the cuts in the road on Buck Drive and Indian Cove were going to be fixed. He said he thinks there's an area on Sioux Drive that needs repair also. The cuts in the roads were made when water system leaks were repaired, one almost a year ago. Mike said there were others as well, and that Ronnie Folk Paving would be coming in to make the repairs as soon as they start making asphalt.

Ron also suggested that the PCMA check to see if it was required to have USDOT numbers for the pump trucks. He said the USDOT numbers were free, but the decals had a cost associated with them. Matt asked what the purpose was for having them, and Ron said it's something the federal government now requires on all trucks. He said he was pulled over while driving and was told he needed to obtain a number, and he wasn't given a whole lot of time to correct it. Jen said she would check to see if the PCMA needs one, and will obtain one for each truck if needed. Ron said all CDL drivers need to carry their health cards also, or they'll receive a $200 fine and immediate suspension of their license. Jen said she's sure the PCMA drivers keep their medical cards updated because they come to the business office and she gives them to the drivers. She said she'll find out if they carry them at all times.

Joe Zerbe asked if the person who ran down one of the PCMA hydrants paid for the damages. Jen said he hadn't. Joe said he would go ahead and prepare the paperwork to file a judgment against him at the magistrate level. The Board agreed that the matter should be pursued.

Jerry asked if any hydrants were kept in inventory in the event one had to be replaced, and asked if they had to be bagged or otherwise marked if they're not working. Mike said that none are kept on hand but we can get them right away, night or day, and said that we have out-of-service markers for hydrants that aren't working.

Jerry asked Mike if the Chapter 94 report had been finalized, and asked Mike if anything had changed with the report. Mike said the report had been filed with the DEP and nothing had changed except the graph projections.

There being no further business, Jerry Weiss motioned for adjournment, Matt Gruber seconded the motion, carried by all. The meeting was adjourned by Tom Nagle at 6:54 pm.

Meeting minutes were taken, prepared, and submitted by Jennifer Hoy.

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