February 2021

A regular meeting of the Board of The Plum Creek Municipal Authority was held on February 16, 2021 via a Zoom meeting.

Board members present (via Zoom) at the meeting were Jim Ridderhoff, Ryan Achenbach, Jerry Weiss, Matt Gruber, and Corby Lewis. Also, in attendance were Joe Zerbe (PCMA Attorney), Nancy Wesner (PCMA Office), Joe Clemas (PCMA Employee), Mike Kreiser (SES – Select Environmental Solutions), Jamie Lorah (SSM Engineering), and property owners – Joe Haggerty, Richard Hardy, and David Mengel.

Jim Ridderhoff called the meeting to order at 6:06 p.m.

The minutes for the January 2021 meeting were accepted by motion of Jerry Weiss, seconded by Corby Lewis, carried by all.

The Treasurer's report for January 2021 was reviewed and accepted by motion of Matt Gruber, seconded by Jerry Weiss, carried by all.

Mike Kreiser (SES), submitted a written manager’s report to the Board prior to the meeting:

  • Copies of the following information has been submitted by SES to PA DEP on the authority’s behalf and are viewable via PA DEP website via the eDMR.
    • Discharge monitoring report and Discharge monitoring report supplemental report
In water operations, Mike Kreiser (SES) reported that:
  • Continue normal operations.
  • Replaced Well# 6 meter head.
  • We are currently operating 3 wells presently. Our average yield is 180,000 gallons per day.
  • Booster Station at 12.4 PSI, as of February 15, 2021 (14.2 PSI – full).
  • Booster Station: All pumps operational and rotating on monthly basis.
In sewage operations, Mike Kreiser (SES) reported that:
  • Normal operations continue and plant ran well for January 2021.
  • Approximately 35 septic pumps are in the backlog.
Mike Kreiser (SES) said there was a violation that was not on the manager’s report and we are in the process of amending it. Mike said between MJ Reider and my operations staff the samples for VOC were not collected. We are collecting the VOC and we must send a letter to the residents with the CCR’s or with the next billing and let them know that there was a sample that was missed and then we will be fine, and it will eliminate the violation at that point.

Mike Kreiser (SES) said he just got a bunch of information between our operations staff and Joe Clemas (PCMA) about Subsurface redoing the wells. We had them done in 2013, 2016, and 2017. Mike said Well# 1 is due to be redone, by Subsurface, to get our normal water flows and clean it up. The quoted price is $28,670 to redo the well. Mike said back in 2013 that well cost $18,171 so it has gone up about $10,000. It does match the pricing of what we had done in 2017. Mike Kreiser (SES) said we need to start budgeting and looking to get through a couple wells. We got off track a little bit and we need to seriously consider going with Well# 1 with getting it cleaned up by Subsurface at the $28,670.

Jim Ridderhoff asked Mike Kreiser (SES) are we having full production out of Well# 1 or are we at a reduced rate. Mike said he believes we are at a reduced rate. Mike said he knows that it is an item that Joe Clemas (PCMA) is really after us to start going after and getting back on track, so we do not have to do them all at one time. Mike said he will talk to Joe and get the information on the production rate and how much it has decreased since 2013. Mike said he just got this price - it only came in about thirty minutes before the meeting.

Mike Kreiser (SES) said the other things to consider, which we have not done in the past, is an Aqua Guard Preventive Maintenance System and that cost $10,000 to put in and then you get into a maintenance agreement which would be another $4,000 and there is another $2,000 fee. Mike said he did the math, and it does not really pay you if you get seven years out of this to put the extra $16,000 in it. At this point we went seven years without redoing Well# 1 and that is only $4,100 per year cost. Mike said he does not see putting an extra $10,000 up front and then another $6,000 a year in the program to keep this preventative maintenance going unless the Board wants more information on it, he can look into it.

Jim Ridderhoff asked Mike Kreiser (SES) how often it is being recommended to redo these wells – how many years. Mike said he has not had any communication with Subsurface, but I believe it should be in a regular rotation and from what Subsurface is saying it is almost annual to go back through. Mike said he thinks you just must look at the production rate and determine when you need to go back through at this point, but I will ask that question as well with Subsurface on the suggested intervals.

Jerry Weiss asked Mike Kreiser (SES) that looking at the monthly well summary for Well# 1 he sees all zeros – when has this been online. Jerry said Well# 3 was only used nine out of thirty-one days. Mike said we rotate through the wells, but he will do some more research on that and get back to the Board. Mike said he knows when we have a lot of leaks, we had all four wells running for a period. Mike said they are all good questions, and he will get answers to them. Jerry asked Mike to also check on Well# 3 – how often it is being put online, how often it is during leaks or high usage – find out the pattern.

Mike Kreiser (SES) said Joe Clemas (PCMA) asked us to go through and get pricing to redo all the well houses, all the piping, and so forth. Mike said he knows Matt Gruber and Corby Lewis also asked us to go through. Mike said he went through with Joe and then my maintenance staff went through with L/B Water. We have quotes (they just came in tonight) from L/B Water. Mike said his operations staff (I have a guy who used to do pipe work that works for me and then a good maintenance guy) they are figuring on average a day, two guys per well house at our labor rate. Mike said some of them would be a lot less, some of them would be a lot more. Mike said as far as cost for all the piping to replace everything we have in there:

  • Well# 6 would be about $1,836 quote from L/B Water that would be billed to Plum Creek, so you do not have any markup on our end.
  • Well# 8 would be about $1,610 roughly.
  • Well# 3 gets expensive for all the piping, valves, there is also air releases that are getting replaced - that is about $5,400. There is a $1,500 water meter - Joe wanted the water meters and everything replaced.
  • Well# 1 would be about $5,400 as well – that has a special type of valve and meter which is $2,000 of that.
Mike Kreiser (SES) said for future budgets however the Board wishes to move forward, all the items can be purchased under Plum Creek’s account with L/B Water and then we can do it on our regular labor as quoted.

Mike Kreiser (SES) said he believes he is around $55 an hour, at two guys, eight hours per well, if you want us to do it or if you want someone else to do it that can be done as well. Mike said the Board can decide how they want to proceed with that, but he just wanted to give some pricing and he will forward the quotes, from L/B Water, over to the PCMA Office.

Jim Ridderhoff said to Mike Kreiser (SES), just to repeat on that, you said if we use your guys it would be about two guys, at eight hours, for about four days. Mike said at each well my guys are figuring would average out to about a full day. Mike said figure forty hours times - two guys (80 hours), and then then I would have to check my contract (I do not have it in front of me) to see the quoted labor rate. Mike said roughly 80 hours of labor at our contracted labor rate. Mike said let us know how to proceed, when to proceed, and we will put it to our schedule and go through and work on it.

Corby Lewis asked if there is a certain one that needs to be a priority. Mike Kreiser (SES) said he thinks it is Well# 1 and Well# 8. Corby said he would be interested in getting Well# 1 and Well# 8 done if there are some issues that need to be taken care. Mike said he would imagine if the Board approved just getting the pipe work that it is going to take a month to probably get the pipe in from L/B Water and then we can go from there.

Jim Ridderhoff said do we want to go ahead and say we are going to do Well# 1 and Well# 8 right now and proceed with that in mind. Corby Lewis said he would do that and if there are some issues there to be taken care of – he thinks that is a priority. Jim said okay and he would use Mike Kreiser’s (SES) guys. Corby said he is okay with that.

Upon motion by Corby Lewis, seconded by Ryan Achenbach, and carried by all, the Board approved to proceeding with Well house # 1 and Well house # 8 and to go ahead with ordering the piping from L/B Water.

In engineering matters, Jamie Lorah (SSM), said the only thing she had to report, since we just met on January 26th, is that we are still waiting on the solicitors for the two townships to get back to us. Jamie said we have given them everything that they need for the Act 537 plan to do their review. We were told they were going to meet but we have not gotten any response that they have met or gotten any updates from them as to the documents and whether they want to see any additional changes/revisions. Jamie said unfortunately she does not have an update from the township side.

Jim Ridderhoff said he knows at the last meeting that it was talked about putting a deadline for their responses and it was suggested either the end of February or the end of March. Jamie Lorah (SSM) said they have had these documents, but the solicitor Wallbillich (from South Manheim) claimed he did not have a copy of the December 2020 version. Jamie said they made sure he got everything he needed on that date. Jamie said mid-January we gave him information and then he asked for more and January 26th we gave him more information and we had asked them if they would have all comments to us by the end of January and that did not occur. Jamie said she will reach out to them, but she would like to propose the end of February so that it puts a little bit of urgency on it because they had the opportunity now and have made some comments. Jamie said the longer we spread it out the more comments and revisions are going to come up.

Jamie Lorah (SSM) said the only comment they still asked about, in looking back over correspondence with them, is about whether we were going to be charging administrative fees for vacant properties. Jamie said they did not address that because we wanted to discuss that internally, but I had to push that to the Board. I think what we did is calculated everything based on the number of occupied properties and we are not going to be doing anything on vacant lots.

Jamie Lorah (SSM) said we are certainly not going to go and do pumping or any other administrative things on vacant lots, so it does not make sense to include those. Jim Ridderhoff said the vacant lots have no sewage attached to them. Jamie said she just wanted to make sure that we are all in agreement and she will address that question. Jamie will send them an email as soon as she is done with the meeting and see if she can get them to commit to the end of February. Jim said he would suggest the end of February. Ryan Achenbach said he agrees with that and I think we need a good push (due to COVID things got delayed and pushed back) on this and get moving.

Jamie Lorah (SSM) said she has had no success with reaching the Act 537 DEP planning office. The person that we are to be going through is Scott Novatnak. Jamie said I have sent him draft documents of everything we have prepared and asked for some sort of comment. He must review it and say okay at least from a cursory standpoint including the advertisement. Jamie said once he does that then we can advertise. Jamie said she can not get him to respond. Jamie said she was told by him in a conversation she had with him in September or October of last year that his only employee that was doing these reviews was retiring by the end of 2020. Jamie said she is not confident that we are going to get a quick review on this so the faster we can get it to him starts the time clock on his review.

Corby Lewis said at the last South Manheim meeting the chairman made a statement that he will not sign anything if there is not a gradual change for shutting down the sewage hauling. Corby said he just wanted to make everybody aware of that. Ryan Achenbach said he was going to bring up the same issue. Jim Ridderhoff said he is trying to figure out how we can make that work.

Corby Lewis said can we have Plum Creek as one of the haulers, for the time being, especially for the holding tanks. Corby said not every sewer guy is sitting around waiting for the phone to ring so they can go do a holding tank. Jim Ridderhoff said you could say that Plum Creek could handle all the holding tanks and turn over the septics to the outside haulers because there is not that many. Jim said that would be something to think about for a gradual turn over.

Jamie Lorah (SSM) said so when you say that they will take care of it for a period like a year or something because obviously if you continue to haul the holding tanks that would have to be hauled right to an off-site location because if we do not do that then we must keep the plant online.

Ryan Achenbach said he thinks that a year is a long time for this to get a little bit more streamlined. Ryan was thinking about this over the last couple of weeks from the last meeting – something like three-to-six-month period maybe six months being better than three months that will move quickly and try to kind of phase it in that way.

Joe Haggerty said he thinks Deer Lake is going out for quotes for their truck receiving facilities the month of March. Joe said it seemed it was a fast timeline on how fast the quotes are going to work so your six months or a year might work with the ability of Deer Lake to accept the trucks. Jim Ridderhoff said he does not think we need to plan what we are doing based on what Deer Lake is going to do. Jim thinks we should go ahead and proceed because the outside haulers are going to haul to wherever they want to haul right now and when Deer Lake opens that will just make it easier for them. Joe said if you use your inside hauling for the holding tanks, they might go down to Deer Lake. Jim said we would still have that gradual turnover and our plant would handle the holding tanks and all septics would go to the outside haulers which would haul it to wherever for three, four, or five months, or whatever.

Jamie Lorah (SSM) said to Joe Haggerty – you mentioned about the bidding for the actual modifications to the Deer Lake facility. Joe said he got the impression that the engineering on it was done so they were going for quotes on it now. Jamie said she did not think Deer Lake had the permit to construct the septage receiving area and that is great if they have the permit and can move forward but she is not sure how long it is going to take for construction. It could be a 12-month construction period depending on what they are putting in so it could be a 12-month period till they are up and running with the septage receiving area. Again, this move depends on what happens with DEP in terms of the length of review period and approvals for the Act 537 plan as well.

Ryan Achenbach said if we are processing holding tanks in our plant, but time is moving on and we need to close that out – where is the next closest option that we could take the holding tank waste if we were using our trucks. Jamie Lorah (SSM) said probably Schuylkill Haven. Jamie said she would also think that Schuylkill Haven is probably going to give you the best deal for hauling because that plant is set up for receiving septage waste. They have a reasonable rate that they have given to others. Jamie said so even when Deer Lake comes online, they will be the most competitive because they are going to be paying a debt service and it is a current debt service for the equipment. But those facilities that are already set up and already have rates set are going to be more competitive for the actual hauling.

Joe Haggerty said when you say Schuylkill is the best rate out there – can you give me an idea what that is? Jamie Lorah (SSM) said she does not recall what they are charging right now but I know they are charging leachate hauling based on a local landfill it is $11 per thousand gallons but the strength of that waste is much lower. Jamie said she is going to have to find that out. Jamie said awhile back it was in the study that we did – the rate expense for the hauling. Jamie said a truckload was anywhere from $400 to $600 depending on the strength of the waste but again I cannot recall it has been a while. Jamie said they will charge a little bit more for the holding tank waste because it is not as desirable, it is an anaerobic waste, it is not aerated, and it becomes septic. It is difficult to deal with, so I believe it was about $400 to $600 a truckload.

Ryan Achenbach said is this something we can come together and try to make a decision on tonight to be able to have that filter back to South Manheim that we are willing to extend some sort of phase out service at least for the holding tanks. Ryan said he is sure what is on everybody’s mind is that they get serviced most here in the lake and even though there is not a lot of them if we can kind of put out the good faith that the service on those will remain reasonable and consistent that it might help smooth things along.

Ryan Achenbach said can we make a motion on to try and come up with a time period even if it is six months with the opportunity to review it at the end of the six months to see if things have phased out properly and to see if we can end it or extend it at that point.

Mike Kreiser (SES) said he would like to jump in with a little operations input on holding tanks and going long term with holding tanks for some plants. Mike said holding tanks have very low loading. Mike said his concerns with just doing holding tanks at Plum Creek, for an extended time, especially when we are talking summer months, that plant consumes a lot of waste. With the holding tanks you are going to have very little CBOD, very little TSS, and so forth, coming in there and keeping the plant alive. Mike said bringing in just holding tanks and not having any solids with that or very little solids with that could get difficult. Mike said at that point in time you end up having to add a food source and then it gets expensive to operate the plant.

Mike Kreiser (SES) said it is a little easier having a mix of holding tank and septage, so you have the dilution with holding tanks because septic tanks are very thick and compact and lots of solids.

Jim Ridderhoff said the Board members should think about this for next month - what way can we make this gradual turnover work and come back next month and put this together and come up with a plan that will work. Jim said he agrees a gradual thing would probably be good and if the township is demanding it, I think we should go along with it. Jim said the Board members should send their ideas to the office and then it can be circulated to all the Board members before the next meeting.

Richard Hardy said he was thinking of a gradual changeover where at least the first time a holding tank got emptied somebody from Plum Creek would be on the process with them to go over where the tank is and how is the best way to do the driveways, etc. Then once we know that somebody could get in there and do it successfully, with the expertise of the past driver’s, you know our confidence would be better. Jim Ridderhoff said that is a good suggestion and we should take that into consideration. Jim said if our plant is closed, we could have one of our guys go with the outside haulers to the place initially and do that for the next month or two.

Corby Lewis said the only thing he was thinking was we probably could make an agreement that we are going to at least gradually do this for six months and to be revisited after six months. Corby said we would have to come up with a concept of how to run the material – whether it would be to have outside haulers do lots around the big lake. Corby said those are going to be the harder ones to access and if they cannot receive the material then Plum Creek can also be called upon to take care of them. Corby thought that the plant was solely built to run holding tanks.

Mike Kreiser (SES) said we can try it, but he is saying from history depending on what loading is coming off just the holding tanks - say a toilet is left running and fills a holding tank quick that is all water versus holding tanks that are being used and have some solids in it.

Ryan Achenbach said he thinks the Board is all in agreement that we want this to go back to the townships that we are willing to figure out some sort of feathering in process and we are only lacking the details of how to make it work the best for everybody.

Jamie Lorah (SSM) said she thinks it is a great idea and I think everybody needs to recall that it is going to take DEP at least six months to approve this. Jamie said the report that we wrote back in 2017, both Schuylkill Haven and Deer Lake, the projected disposal fee for both were 6 ¢ a gallon. Jamie said assuming 3500 gallons on a hauling event it is $210 for disposal, and that is just the disposal fee, for an outside hauler, and then you would have the hauler’s fee. Jamie said right now I think we estimated that a holding tank hauling event was costing $150 – so it is like $400 what we would expect at this point and I would have to confirm that and again it is dependent on the haulers too.

Joe Haggerty said at six months you might want to revisit it. Joe said maybe what you want to do is think about some measurement that you have successfully transitioned sixty or seventy percent of the people and you know it is working the way you want it to.

Upon motion by Ryan Achenbach, seconded by Corby Lewis, and carried by all, the Board agreed to phasing out of using PCMA (Plum Creek Municipal Authority) haulers for a period of time of at least six months and to be revisited for both time and details.

Matt Gruber said if we cannot haul stuff from the holding tanks back to our sewage plant – we could haul it to Schuylkill Haven, Pine Grove, or wherever – just to make it work for the time being.

Mike Kreiser (SES) said the holding tanks are desirable and we are good with it. I am striking up some conversations with Septic Solutions as we are going on with the meeting, and I am trying to get you some numbers for what it would cost to go Schuylkill Haven or Pine Grove. If you look at my report for the month of January, we hauled 26 holding tanks, 22 septic tanks, and no sludge out. So, what that is telling you is a lot of those solids you are consuming. Obviously, we have room in the digester, but you are bringing in a lot of solids and in the summer, it is going to be consuming more of those solids than going out. So, you need some type of solid matter and having all holding tanks is going to make it difficult.

In legal matters, Joe Zerbe said he had little to report other than some consultations with Jen and Nancy.

Jamie Lorah (SSM) asked Joe Zerbe if it would be beneficial if both the statement about the transition period and a request for them to expedite their review if that should come from SSM office, or from PCMA directly, or from you. Joe said somebody should get this information to the township supervisors and whether the letter comes from our Board, from me, or from SSM, I do not know that matters, but I would certainly help put it together. Joe said he thinks you should go to the supervisors and just tell them that here are the two things we approved a motion to feather this in as requested but we also need a response so we can move this forward. Jim Ridderhoff said he can personally talk to Jack Brennan. Joe said that might be the best thing to do too. Jim said he will try and talk to him in the next week or two.

Upon motion by Corby Lewis, seconded by Ryan Achenbach, and carried by all, the 2020 write-off of delinquent accounts in the amount of $18,794.97 was approved. These amounts are not physically wiped out. The total write-off amount appears only in the financial statements, not in the physical files. The balances are not physically wiped out, and a payment is never refused. The reason for the write-off is to more easily enable the PCMA to secure a loan if one is ever needed in the future.

Mike Kreiser (SES) said he got more information on septage from the hauler he was talking to. There is no break for holding tanks or septage which goes along with what Jamie Lorah (SSM) was saying and the price per gallon ends up being 4 ½ ¢ to 6¢ per gallon depending on where it is getting taken to. On top of that you have the disposal fee for the hauler and then also the service call.

Jim Ridderhoff said the next thing was the comments by Charles Stopp from last month. Corby Lewis did not have his copy with him, but he did read it. Jim said he asked a lot of questions but in the course of what we are doing they were mostly answered. Jim said if we do not have the information on it right now - let us skip that one.

Jim Ridderhoff said he wanted to discuss the homeowner who had a septic tank and a pet which died, and this was from about six months ago. Jim said a lid (from what I understand) was a flip top lid or something that could easily open if it was not fastened correctly. Jim said apparently it was not fastened correctly and several weeks after the septic tank was emptied the homeowner found their cat dead in the septic tank. Jim said his take on that is the homeowner is responsible for opening their septic lid and closing it securely afterward. Jim said each one is different some have clips and screws and some just lay on there. Jim said he thinks Jen (PCMA Office) rewrote into our policy that when we go out that the homeowner is responsible for taking care of that now.

Jim Ridderhoff said that issue has been resolved. Nancy said Jen did put a note in the septic notification letters that states -- property owners are required to remove clamps or screws from plastic lids in order for the tanks to be pumped. Remember to replace the screws or clamps after the pumping, the PCMA pumper will not replace them.

Jim Ridderhoff said there is a homeowner who is requesting a credit of $80 on her sewage bill because of some items that were left, and some minor damage was done. Ryan Achenbach said the letter mentions that the concrete lid was not properly placed back on. Ryan was wondering if there was any further information with that - was it simply not set in place correctly, was there an opening. Nancy said there was nothing else written on the service order. Ryan said the only thing that concerns him is that we are working on another issue where a lid was not put back on. So, we had one with a pet that fell through a lid, where the lid was not on right, and now we have a concrete lid that was not put back in place. Ryan said he knows we changed our policy to make sure homeowners are looking at this but at the same time I am wondering is there anything we could be doing to reduce our liability for these kinds of things. Jim said we can reiterate to our guys to put the tank lid back where it is supposed to be. Ryan said it needs to be made clear that homeowners should be making sure that when the guys leave that the lid is back in proper order and if there is anything that they can not handle they need to notify us. Ryan said he will work on writing something up (maybe a check-off policy or something) for when we are all done with a service call and on a paper that can be given to the homeowner.

Upon motion by Ryan Achenbach, seconded by Matt Gruber, and carried by all, the Board approved a credit for Lot 462 Wynonah Drive in the amount requested of $80.

Jim Ridderhoff said we have an issue with a homeowner that has sent pictures of their toilets and sinks that were all black probably from the manganese. Jim said he talked to Dave Bright (SSM) and spoke to our office and there is nobody else in this homeowner’s area that is having this problem. It is just this homeowner and they have had this problem for years. Jim said is it our responsibility or is it something that is in this homeowner’s piping that is causing this.

Mike Kreiser (SES) said not to far from you is Bernville Borough and we also have Dave Bright (SSM) there. We had a bad manganese problem there and one of our wells is the source of it and we just have that for an emergency well. Mike said it took them about five years to get all the manganese out of the lines. We have a few homeowners like you are talking about. Mike Kreiser (SES) said what we would do is we had a special connection where we would bypass the meter, connect it to a garden hose, and we would flush their line for a period of time to try and get all the manganese out from the curb stop to the house. It might take a couple of times but for some reason they might be at a spot where they are getting low flow and it is pushing a slug of the manganese that is in the line out through. Mike said it is something we could look at from our end and he can work with Joe (PCMA). We can take a meter out, put a garden hose connection in there, we can make one up, put a garden hose on that, and open up the water and just flush it out till it is nice and clean. Mike asked if the Board want us going into the house, making a connection in the house, and then flushing manganese out, or let them deal with it. Jim Ridderhoff asked Mike if he thinks that the manganese is somewhere in the entry line from our main to their house. Mike said you are adding a corrosion control which binds the manganese and usually just sinks it somewhere in your lines which is the reason you got to do a flushing program. Mike said Joe (PCMA) and the guys will go through and flush the hydrants and get some of that stuff out. If we start getting numerous complaints in one area of dirty water, we will flush hydrants and get that dirt out of that section. Mike said there is scenarios where like this it is happening to one person. Jim said that is the first positive thing he heard on this subject. Jim said he would let Mike and Joe go out and do that and the rest of the Board agreed.

Ryan Achenbach said he thinks this is one of the more frustrating things for the members of Lake Wynonah is that a select few in an area always seem to have an issue with water and there is not a whole lot of solutions. Ryan said if this is even an option that they could try, it is something of a goodwill, that might make a couple of members happy.

Corby Lewis asked Mike Kreiser is there something they can do like a drop in the line so it would fall into that before it started corroding the pipe. Mike said not that he is aware of. Mike said a lot of time your manganese is going to be caught in your water meters in that little screen. Mike said he knows Joe (PCMA) and the guys replace the meters quite often. Mike said a lot of times this manganese will just drop off in a slug load and it will bind to that little screen and suddenly, they will have low water pressure, or the meter reading will not make sense. Corby said he did not know if there were preventative measures that could be taken. Mike said a good flushing program of your system and the residents letting us know where they are having issues so we can get out and flush lines.

Jim Ridderhoff said he spoke to Mike at Biro’s Septic Cleaning and they would be happy to come in and do it. Jim said Mike asked if we wanted him to come in and speak to the residents at a meeting. Jim said Mike is willing to do that, and he is a knowledgeable person.

Ryan Achenbach said it was brought to his attention that with COVID-19, we did not even realize, that we never discussed employee raises this year.

Upon motion by Jim Ridderhoff, seconded by Matt Gruber, carried by all, the Board approved the following salary increase of $1.50 per hour, effective next paycheck, for Jen, Nancy, Joe, and Carl.

Upon motion by Matt Gruber, seconded by Corby Lewis, carried by all, the Board approved to give the employees a $250 Christmas bonus.

There being no further business, Corby Lewis motioned for adjournment, Matt Gruber seconded the motion, carried by all. Jim Ridderhoff adjourned the meeting at 7:53 p.m.

Meeting minutes were taken, prepared, and submitted by Nancy Wesner.

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